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South West Florida International Consulting LLC
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We assist you on your way to an US - Visa.

Strict and complex immigrations and residency laws regulate longer stays and professional activity in the United States.
it is crucial to apply for a visa that fits your purposes. Even though, the Visa - categories might seem understandable and clear at first glance, there are many regulations that make it necessary to take a closer look. Along with the legal text, the immigration and nationality act, there are numerous regulations and intructions that require lots of experience to prevent mistakes. Most of the time, once you took the wrong way when applying for a visa, it is hard to correct it afterwards. People oftentimes underestimate the complexity of applying for a US - Visa.

For this reason, it is important to analyze your sitiuation and intentions as accurately as possible beforehand. We would love to provide you with competent, individual advice to help you find and apply for a visa that fits your personal situation.

We will take care of everything that is necessary for you to get your visa: the preparation of applications, the translation and revising of your documents and the obtaining of evaluations for non - US - degrees as well as the formation or buying of a US - company, support with registrations and permits, or creating of contracts. We accompany and support you during your way to a US - Visa, and if necessary, provide you with professional advise to make sure that nothing comes in the way of the approval of your visa.