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L1 Transfer Visa

This category is meant for international businessmen and specialized employees, who come to the US as employees of a foreign parent company or subsidiary (at least 51% of shares). L -1 Visas are accessible for employees, who have worked for the foreign company continuously for at least one year within the last three years before the application. They have to have worked in the area of management or as a professional to be able to enter the US to work in the area of management or as a professional in the American company. At the point of the application, the company has to be commercially active for at least one year. The foreign corporation as well as the U.S. company have to have serveral employees.

Duration of Stay

An L - 1 beneficiary can stay in the US for a period of time determined by the employer, at first however, for a maximum of three years. An exception is made for companies, which were founded in the US less than a year ago. In these cases, the visa is valid for a time period of one year, so that the profitability of the company can be examined after one year. After this examination, the visa can be extended for an additional three years, as well as an additional three years, up to a maximum of seven years for L - 1A managers and executives and up to a maximum of five years for L - 1B specialized employees.

The application process

The U.S. employer has to apply. With this application, several documents that provide a complete picture of the profitability and the position of the employee have to be submitted. As soon as the application is accepted, it gets send to the U.S. embassy or consulate of the country to which the empoyee holds citizenship or is a permanent resident; which is also where the visa is issued.
Provided the empoyee is not currently in the United States with a different non - immigration visa, his visa can be changed into the L - 1 category. For an additional fee, the USCIS offers a premium proceeding, where the application is processed within 15 days. 

Spouses and Children

Spouses and children under the age of 21 can receive a L - 2 immediate family status. L - 2 spouses are eligible for an independent work permit in the US. In addition to that, L - 2 children and spouses can go to school in the US. Children with the L - 2 status, however, are not allowed to work in the US.

Green Card Application

L - 1A executives and managers have the opportunity to apply for a Green Card without going through a complicated and tedious procedure. The request can be submitted as soon as the company has been operating commercially for a year. Due to his L - 1A status, the applicant can still stay in the United States during the immigration process, without needing an additional work or residence permit. The L - 1A structure, meaning the relationship between the foreign and the U.S. company (at least 51% of shares), has to be existent during the entire time period an employee has the L - 1 Status, until the Green Card is issued.